Mother and baby in autumn




From the moment you hire me, I will be available for correspondence via text, phone call, and emails. 

Along with the above services, this package includes:

  • 2 prenatal appointments, 1-2 hours each

    • At these appointments we will get to know each other, learn the physiology of labor, discuss available options for childbirth, learn about common medical interventions, discuss your birthing goals, practice comfort techniques for labor, and make a birth plan.

  • Accompaniment to one meeting with your caregiver

  • I will be on-call, ready to go, and within 30 minutes of your birthing place from 38-40 weeks.

  • Early labor support at home if desired & appropriate

  • Continuous support through active labor, and 1-2 hours immediately after birth, at your desired birthplace

  • 1 postpartum visit, usually 1-2 hours long.

    • At this follow-up visit we will review your birth experience, ​make sure the transition to home is going well, and discuss appropriate referrals to any community services that you may need.  

Fee:  $600

  • $100 non-refundable deposit, the remainder is due by 38 weeks

    • If you hired me at 16 weeks, this is less than ​$30/month!  

  • Please contact me for a free consultation if you would like to discuss payment plans or different payment arrangements.  Bartering is a welcome option.

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